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Tree Root Removal in San Antonio, TX 

Do you have tree roots that are wreaking havoc on your sewer pipes? CSW Power Solutions technicians are San Antonio, Texas's tree root removal experts, so we can eliminate those pesky tree roots.

Wastewater contains high levels of plant nutrients such as phosphorus, which attracts tree and shrub roots. However, many San Antonio residents and business owners are unaware that tree roots infiltrating drain pipes can result in clogged or blocked drains. Tree roots can also harm septic tanks and drain fields.

Clogged drain pipes, leaking or cracked septic tanks, and even cracked septic tanks are fairly common and will no doubt cause property owners headaches.

CSW Power Solutions in San Antonio, TX, has the knowledge and equipment to remove the roots from your drain pipes and repair the damage they have caused.

Call (210) 468-8279 to speak with one of our specialists about any issues with your drain pipes or septic system.


CSW Power Solutions' Method for Removing Tree Roots 

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

CSW Power Solutions employs a variety of methods to locate the obstinate tree roots and assess the extent of the damage they have caused. 

For example, identifying pipe damage caused by tree roots is sometimes only possible with a video camera pipe inspection.

We'll use the video camera again once we've identified the source of the problem and finished the work required to remove the tree roots.

Snaking Auger for Drains

To remove tree roots from a drain pipe, we can use a drain snake with a rotating auger attached to the end of the cable. The rotating auger cuts the roots and opens the drains, allowing water and waste to flow freely.

Water Jetting

Another common method for removing tree roots from drain pipes is to use a high-pressure water jetting system. The pipes are blasted with a high-pressure water jet to remove the tree roots.

How We Restore Pipes After Root Removal

The Trench Technique

The trench method is the traditional method of repairing damaged pipes, which entails digging a trench near the damaged pipes and then replacing them.

The Trenchless Technique

Trenchless pipe repair is a more modern method of repairing damaged pipes. We use cutting-edge equipment that prevents open trenches from destroying streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and other structures.

What Can You Expect From a Tree Removal Service?

When CSW Power Solutions arrives at your home or business to remove a tree, you can count on us to be on time and complete the job quickly and efficiently.

A tree removal specialist will assess the situation before developing a plan to remove the tree. They will present you with the details of the tree removal plan as well as a free estimate for your approval. They will begin working immediately after you approve.

CSW Power Solutions will clean up the area and haul away the debris once the tree has been removed. 

You can count on CSW Power Solutions to leave your property in better shape than when we arrived.

Call (210) 468-8279 to Find a Tree Removal Expert in San Antonio, Texas

CSW Power Solutions of San Antonio, TX, can assist you if you need a tree removed or if tree roots have caused damage to your drain pipes.

We will gladly assess your situation and develop a plan to solve your tree root problems based on our technicians’ 30 years of experience.

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