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Sewer Line Pipe Repair in San Antonio, TX 

Are you looking for sewer line installation or repairs in San Antonio, Texas? CSW Power Solutions provides a wide range of sewer line repair and replacement services. 

Many sewer line issues in your home or business have been resolved by our expert technicians and cutting-edge equipment.

Sewer lines that are damaged can leak, contaminating the soil and endangering the environment and your health. Allow us to assist you in putting a stop to this.

Call (210) 468-8279 to speak with a San Antonio, TX, sewer line repair expert.

Common Sewer Line Problems

  • Broken sewer lines as a result of frozen ground or earth shifting

  • Clogs in sewer lines caused by foreign objects and grease buildup

  • Pipe corrosion and oxidation

  • Joints with broken seals and leaking joints

  • Tree root infiltration


We handle all of these sewer line repairs and more. Give us a call if you're not sure what kind of problem you have.


CSW Power Solutions Sewer Line Repair Methods

The Classic Trench Method

Traditionally, sewer line repairs or replacements have been completed by digging a trench (using a backhoe) to access the damaged pipe. However, digging a trench can damage sidewalks, streets, and trees and cause other issues.

Fortunately, sewer line repairs do not require digging trenches.

The Trenchless Repair Technique

CSW Power Solutions of San Antonio, TX, offers trenchless sewer line repair services that use cutting-edge equipment to reduce environmental impact. Trenchless sewer line repairs are just as long-lasting, lasting anywhere from 20 to 50 years.

Burst Sewer Line Pipe

Pipe bursting is a newer sewer line replacement method that involves pulling a new pipe through the old one while using a hydraulic pipe bursting machine to fracture the damaged pipe outward. The replacement pipe is inserted through access holes made where the damaged pipe begins and ends.

We use this repair method to minimize damage to the area where the damaged sewer line pipe is located, like beneath a house, building floor, driveways, roads, and parking lots.

Relining Sewer Line Pipes

Pipe relining, or cured-in-place pipe involves inserting a flexible resin-coated tube into a damaged sewer line pipe and inflating it. When the resin hardens, it forms a pipe within a pipe. Pipe relining reduces the diameter of your sewer line by a quarter-inch while leaving it unchanged in terms of waste transport capacity.

Sewer Line Pipes Replacement 

If your sewer line pipe is damaged beyond repair, a CSW Power Solutions technician will excavate it and replace it with a new one. They will also clean the sewer line to ensure that no blockages are causing your sewer line problems.

CSW Power Solutions will complete the job using the best method for your specific situation, regardless of the type of sewer line repair or replacement you require.

What Should You Expect During Sewer Line Pipe Repair?

A technician from CSW Power Solutions will arrive to diagnose your sewer line problem.

They could insert a camera into your pipes and mark things like the location of your pipe on the surface, utility lines, electric dog fences, and other underground obstacles. You must notify them of any utility lines on your property.

The skilled technician will then recommend a course of action, provide an estimate for completion, and begin work upon your approval.

Why choose CSW Power Solutions?

  • We respect your property and clean up after ourselves.

  • Reasonable pricing

  • We're available 24/7 

  • We’re a one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs


Call (210) 468-8279 to reach a Sewer Line Repair Specialist Near You in San Antonio, Texas

The comprehensively trained and experienced technicians at CSW Power Solutions have the knowledge and tools to repair your sewer line pipe.

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