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Septic System Services in San Antonio, TX 

Do you require septic repair services in San Antonio? CSW Power Solutions technicians regularly repair septic tanks and drain fields.

CSW Power Solutions is committed to completing your job quickly and affordably.

Call (210) 468-8097 for more information on septic system services in San Antonio, TX.

Septic System Services by CSW Power Solutions

Repair of Septic Systems

Among other things, CSW Power Solutions has the experience and knowledge to unclog septic systems, repair drain field failures, remove tree roots, and stop sewage backup.

Maintenance of Septic Systems

CSW Power Solutions provides septic tank cleaning and maintenance to keep your system running smoothly.

The Workings of Your Septic System

A septic tank is a container in which solid waste is stored until it is liquefied or pumped out. A drain field, also known as a leach field, is a system of pipes with holes in them that are buried in gravel-lined trenches. The drain field is connected to the septic tank to remove impurities and toxins from the septic tank liquid.

Concrete, plastic, or fiberglass are the most common materials used to construct septic tanks. These tanks can last up to 50 years, but improperly maintained septic tanks can cause serious issues, including health risks.

Common San Antonio Septic System Issues

Pipe Blockages

Some objects flushed down the toilet can cause septic system problems. Plastics and cigarette butts will enter the septic tank and remain until the tank is pumped. Plastic does not dissolve and can clog pipes, causing septic tanks to overflow into your yard or, worse, inside your home!

Failure of the Drain Field

Soaps, detergents, and other household cleaners are commonly toxic to the septic system. These substances can harden the soil around the drain field, reducing its absorbent capacity. The same effect can be obtained by introducing a large amount of grease into the septic system.

When the soil is no longer capable of properly absorbing liquids, wastewater will frequently flow back into the septic tank or into your home or business.

Septic Tank Blockage

Sludge, debris, and tree roots can all clog a septic tank. As a result, the tank may overflow, resulting in sewage backup and flooding.

Root Invasion

Tree roots can grow into the septic tank or drain field, clogging and damaging it.

Septic Tank Failure

Septic tanks that are cracked or broken can leak sewage into the ground, contaminating the soil and groundwater.

Sewage Backup 

When the septic tank is full, sewage can back up into the house or business, posing a health risk.

If you're having issues with your septic system, call CSW Power Solutions.

Our technicians have extensive experience installing, repairing, and maintaining septic systems. We can quickly diagnose the issue and develop a solution that meets your requirements.

Call (210) 468-8279 for Septic System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in San Antonio, TX

CSW Power Solutions, your modern-day plumbing, septic, and drain hero, can solve the problems plaguing your home or business. 

Our technicians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools to handle septic pipes, tanks, and drain fields.

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