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Plumbing Leak Detection in San Antonio, Texas

Do you have a leaking pipe in your San Antonio home or business? Do you have any idea where the leak is coming from?

We can assist you in locating the source of the leak and repairing it quickly and inexpensively. CSW Power Solutions uses cutting-edge technology to detect and repair issues with underground and above-ground pipes and ducts. We can detect leaks without having to dig up your pipes.

We use acoustic and infrared technology to detect leaks in the water, sewage, and gas lines, among other places. 

As an alternative to traditional pipe replacement, we also provide pipe relining services. Pipe relining is frequently completed in a fraction of the time and cost required to replace an entire pipe.


Video Camera Inspection

CSW Power Solutions technicians use video camera pipe inspections to detect pipe leaks and breaks. We use a bendable fiber optic wire with a high-resolution video camera attached at one end in our cutting-edge video camera inspection technology. Sensors are fully integrated into the device.

Our technicians can quickly complete visual assessments of underground pipes and locate any leaks or breakage after inserting the camera into the pipe. They will save the video images and diagnosis for you to view at any time.

We primarily employ video camera inspection to detect the following issues:

  • Pipe damage, including collapsed or broken pipes.

  • Pipes that are misaligned as a result of the ground freezing or shifting.

  • Grease buildup or any other type of blockage can cause clogged pipes.

  • Pipe deterioration - caused by corrosion or oxidation that develops over time.

  • Root invasion - the formation of tree roots that cause damage to pipes or sewer lines.


For Leak Detection services in San Antonio, TX, contact our dependable technician.

Infrared Analysis

Infrared thermograms have been demonstrated to be both accurate and efficient in locating pipe leaks. When a leak allows fluid or gas to escape, the fluid's thermal conductance differs from that of the surrounding dry areas. 

Our skilled technicians use a high-resolution infrared camera to scan the area, and the resulting images show areas of varying temperatures by displaying grey tones on a black-and-white image or various colors on a color image. This leak detection method can detect problems inside your home or business and 30 meters below ground.

Pressure Examination

A leak alters a pipe's pressure readings. The pressure drops when a pipe leaks. As a result, testing pressure or flow readings is an easy way to detect leaks. This method is mostly used for water leaks due to its limited ability to detect gas leaks.

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CSW Power Solutions experts in San Antonio, TX, can locate any type of pipe leak! Whether the pipes are underground or above ground, we have the equipment to complete the job quickly and affordably.

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