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Floor Drain Repair in San Antonio, Texas


Is your floor drain backed up? CSW Power Solutions can unclog your floor drain if it is clogged with hair, grease, or soap scum. We provide a variety of floor drain repair services in San Antonio, Texas.

We will unclog your floor drain in no time, thanks to our experienced technicians and cutting-edge equipment. We will also ensure that such an incident does not occur again.

Floor drains are often overlooked until there are puddles and flooding. When this occurs, you simply must have it repaired as soon as possible.

CSW Power Solutions will explain what caused the clog and advise you on the best course of action.

For floor drain repair in San Antonio, TX, call (210) 468-8279.

Remove Any Floor Drain Buildup

Debris and sludge build up on the walls of floor drain pipes, clogging them. It’s the most common cause of a clogged floor drain. 

Small puddles forming around the drain are often the first signs of a clogged floor drain. A sewage odor may also emanate from the floor drain. If you notice either of these indicators, it's time to contact CSW Power Solutions.

Our plumbers have the experience and equipment to quickly and efficiently unclog your floor drain. We'll also take precautions to keep the drain from becoming clogged again. To schedule a service appointment, please contact us right away.

Unclog a Hair-Clogged Floor Drain

Another common cause of floor drain blockage is hair. The best way to avoid hair clogs is to catch hair before it enters the drain. If you already have a clogged drain, don't risk damaging it with an unknown home remedy.

CSW Power Solutions has the knowledge and equipment necessary to remove all hair from floor drains quickly. Please contact us.

Remove the Crystallization From Floor Drain Pipes

Soaps and other sweetened liquids, such as soda or coffee, can crystallize inside floor drain pipes. As these liquids pass through the pipes, residue can accumulate and harden, restricting or completely closing the pipes.

CSW Power Solutions has the experience and knowledge to diagnose the problem and take the necessary steps to unclog your floor drains. We will also make recommendations to prevent crystallization in the future. Please contact us right away to schedule a service appointment.

Replace Any Broken Floor Drain Pipes

Drain pipes crack and break as they age. We'll send one of our experienced technicians to your home or office to assess the damage and make recommendations.

Plumbers from CSW Power Solutions diagnose pipes by inspecting them with a specialized video camera. Real-time video inspections allow us to determine their condition without having to dig up the pipes. 

Our technicians can diagnose and repair any overflows or breaks in your floor drains due to their extensive industry experience. We are the leading provider of floor drain repairs in San Antonio, Texas.

Schedule a Floor Drain Repair Appointment in San Antonio, TX

Call CSW Power Solutions at (210) 468-8279 right now to schedule your service appointment. We're here to help you get back to normal as soon as possible.

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